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As you scroll down this page, we have some steps you can take  to prepare for the program. If you want to have the schedule in front of you, click below to download a PDF of the calendar we are mailing all registrants in their Welcome Package!



Gather your materials! You can get your Student Handbook and Teacher’s Guides below. Be sure that you have one handbook for each of your students, according to their grade level. You’ll also need to download the corresponding Teacher’s Guide. If you want, you can also purchase bound versions of each handbook!


Student Handbook (Jr. Edition)


Teacher’s Guide (Jr. Edition)



Student Handbook


Teacher’s Guide



On the WorldViews Facebook page you can interact with other families who are part of the campaign. Hear ideas, see pictures, or even post questions as you and your students walk through the curriculum.



The WorldViews program launched on Monday, October 2, 2017, but you can join in at any time!

If it has been more than 8 days since you signed up to join the Worldviews campaign,  and you have not received a welcome package in the mail, then please contact our team at

Yes. Students will complete assignments and activities in their handbooks. Each student will need their own copy to fill out as they go.

We don’t mail internationally, but if you are participating in WorldViews from outside the US, we are not going to leave you out! The two main pieces in the Welcome Package are a WorldViews Calendar and a THUMB Label for your family’s “Generous Jar.” Due to the cost of international postage, we have these available for you by download. Just click here to download and print. You can put the calendar on your fridge and tape the label to your Generous Jar.

The short answer is, anytime. You can make donations on the worldviews website at any time throughout this campaign. We encourage you to consider giving in one of two ways:
  1. Give weekly throughout the study as your students learn about each people group.
  2. Collect your funds and give one lump sum on the fifth week. 

If you lost your T.H.U.M.B. sticker please contact our team at for a replacement.

If you’re having trouble getting the videos to play please try the following:
  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Open the page in another browser 
  3. Try playing the video on another device

When you give to Pioneers through the WorldViews program, Sonlight has pledged to match every dollar—up to $125,000! So if you give $25 to support Pioneers’ project with the Tribal Tarahumara group, that means Sonlight will give $25 too.

If you are not receiving emails and have checked your junk mail box, please contact our team at

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. All money you and your family give will go to benefit Pioneers, which is a registered 501(c)3. After you give, you will be sent a receipt by email, which you can use to claim a tax deduction.

We have made the curriculum free for downloading and encourage families to use that option if needed. For families who can afford to purchase the hard copy of the student handbook, we think it’s a great option. You will get a higher quality product that students can hold on to and reference for years to come. If you are considering printing the PDF version of the handbook, we suggest using a color printer and printing single-sided pages. 

Yes, please invite all families in your neighborhood, church, or network to participate in the WorldViews program with you! Anyone can register. They do not need to be customers of Sonlight or homeschoolers. We want as many children as possible to learn about how to share the gospel with families who have different worldviews.